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Vision Group Fitness Campaign Season One in 2014

Vision Group

Fitness Campaign Season One in 2014


Vision Fitness Campaign Season One is held on Nov.7, 2014, with the theme of “Love Sports, Live Healthier”.

At the opening ceremony, President Zhang delivers an opening speech, encouraging all staff to actively join in the sports and to achieve the balance between work and health. This fitness exercise contributes to enrich employees’ spare time, relieve work pressure and strengthen physical fitness. And it also provides valuable experience to Vision gym building. An united and harmonious work atmosphere can be achieved. 

                 Fitness Campaign Season One on Nov.21, 2014
                                        155 stuff coming from                                       Exercise lies in persistence
various departments and subsidiaries                              —You are excellent!
                     Happiness of Excise                                                        Charm of Exercise
                         A Great Success 
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