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Vision Expands into African Market---- the 15th African Utility Weekend Exhibition

Vision Expands into African Market ---- the 15th African Utility Weekend Exhibition


Through technical and management innovation, Vision becomes the leading power of Chinese export-oriented battery enterprises; and through actively exploring and meeting customer demands, Vision has successfully been one of the top solution practitioners of energy system.

The 15th African Utility Weekend Exhibition was successfully held in Cape Town from May 12 to May 14. Vision energy system solution is shown there, receiving widely attention and recognition.

As one of the world new economic entity, South Africa pays much more attention to city infrastructure construction. As a result, there is a growing demand of electric power. Energy system solution is the main light spot of this exhibition. And the home energy storage system combines Vision advanced technology and service concept, making the ordinary family have full access to solar power. At the same time, the high power and long service life series of pure lead battery are integrated, making energy storage system more stable and efficient; the OPZV battery perfectly shows Vision latest tubular battery technology; gel and deep cycle batteries help customers fully understand safety and discharge for a long time feature of Vision products; the lithium battery contributes to Vision green product concept deep in mind. 

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