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VRLA Battery
Gen-1 PEMFC Stack

HydraV’s first generation of liqiud-cooled PEMFC stack is robustly designed stack that boasts a single-cell power of 180W with its optimized flow field and sealing technologies.It is designed for mid-to high-pressure operation and is produced from our automated stack production line.

  • General Specifications

Product features:
1.High Power Density
2.High Reliability
3.Low Maintenance

Technology features:
1.Low Pt Technology
2.World -Class Power Density
3.Automatic Production Line

Product Parameter:


Performance Rated Power 18-36kW
Current Range 0-300A
Fuel Consumption 12NL/(min.kW)
Module Efficiency ≥52%
Fuel Gaseous Hydrogen as per
Oxidant Air filtered to remove particulates and toxic chemical compounds
Coolant Deionized Water 100%,≤1.5μS/cm
Ethylene Glycol-Deionized Water 50%-50%,≤1.5μS/cm
Operating Conditions Hydrogen inlet Pressure <150kPa
Air inlet Pressure <100kPa
Storage temperature -40℃ - 60℃
Operating temperature -10℃ - 45℃
Humidity 10% - 95%RH
Altitude ≤3000m
Physical Parameters Mass 36kg(*36kW)
Dimensions(mm) 300x136x589(*36kW)
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