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VRLA Battery
Iron-V Starter Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Solutions

  • General Specifications


·Realtime Monitoring
·Longer Lifespan


The Iron-V series is Vision Group’s latest LiFePO4 battery line. It can be widely applied to any applications that need lead- acid batteries. Vision Group independently and successfully developed the high- rate LFP cells and built-in BMS system. The Iron-V series is equipped with a remote management system and allows perfect control and supervision.



The Iron-V series has the highest level of safety standards. Smart management accurately monitors the operating status of each component. This better control and supervision, enhances overall performance and battery life.


1. Renewable Energy Storage Systems:

·Wind Power System

·Solar Power System

2. High-end SLI Applications




3. Motive Power Applications

·Balance Wheel




·Golf Cart

·Wheel Chair

Technical Specifications:


Characteristic Curves:

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