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VRLA Battery
V-LFP48V 5G Series

Vision V-LFP48V 5G Series is a range of 48V Lithium iron phosphate battery, it is mainly used in 5G base stations, with advanced life, small size, light weight and strong environmental adaptability.

  • General Specifications

Products features:
1.level of protection: IP67
2.high temperature resistance :60℃
3.Wall mount
4.High safety

Product Parameter:


Type Nominal Capacity(Ah) Naminal Voltage(V) Dimension(mm)


Approx Weight(kg)


Terminal Type








V-LFP48V5AH 5 48 380 220 145 9 DSTB8-2-2-M5
V-LFP48V10AH 10 48 380 220 145 11 DSTB8-2-2-M5
V-LFP48V20AH 20 48 455 290 145 17 DSTB8-2-2-M6


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